Webcam away! (and a reminder about the project deadline)

Things I have learned after installing this webcam at my office computer:

  • I have horrible posture.
  • I chew on my lips a lot when I'm concentrating.
  • I multi-task A LOT, so it looks like I'm not paying attention.
  • I need to get my roots done for my hair.
  • Holy crap, I'm pale and fluorescent lighting doesn't help that.
  • I don't sit still very much, so the the face tracking is handy.
  • I put my hands on my head when I'm talking/thinking

I'll have to work on my Amazon wishlist if I'm going to start using this web cam on a regular basis.

Don't forget! Sunday at 5pm is the deadline to submit your entry for the Living Out Loud Project. The theme is your Open Love Letter. Please don't disappoint me! I'll have to give the prize to Rich if he's the only one who participates simply because he's contractually obligated to play my games.