Expression: making my mark through Excel and hair products

After much deliberation, I have chosen Expression as my word for 2009. Rich and I just talked about it and at one point I used the word Expressive instead. We agreed, though, that Expression is different. I'm already a very expressive person. I will talk to anyone in any store. I like to tell stories and I laugh and share a lot of my emotions with others. That's all being very expressive. But Expression is how I shape the world around me in creative ways. I want to be mindful of the creative outlets in my daily life. I want to make time to shape my image (whether it be professional, personal or physical) in a meaningful way. I want to encourage that in others around me. I want to build a foundation for how I impact the world in a positive way.

I spent the day today visiting with friends and family. Nothing really of note happened, other than I had a fantastic hair day (the curling iron I bought for the party last night may get use year round), had my pork, sauerkraut and black eyed peas and spent a few hours catching up with my very tired cousin and her newborn twins.

I took a few photos, I entered all my blood sugar results into Excel so I could bring charts to my doctor appointment tomorrow and I killed some demons in a mine in Warcraft on my way to level 61. All in all I'm feeling good about the future and that's a very good start for the year.