I knew AP calculus would come in handy one day

Yesterday was not such a great day for my blood sugars. It started at 6:30 when I woke up feeling off and my blood sugar was 353. It took all morning to wrestle it down to something reasonable and next thing I knew it was 53. All that started Friday night when my sugar plummeted to 41 and I had a bit of a freak out about it. The time for 15 carbs and waiting 15 minutes was over and it became the time for sobbing into a bowl of Frosted Flakes with the spoon shaking in my hand. Good times. Of course, the best way to prevent the roller coaster of blood sugars is to never get on it in the first place. Easier said than done, though. Over the last couple of months I've just had a hard time keeping up. Even though my average blood sugar was around 140, the actual values were nowhere near that. If the standard deviation is as much as the mean value, that's not good. It has literally been the 30 or 300 game (which is not a fun game, actually).

blood sugars for November

Having to fax over my test results to try to get my CGM sensors covered by insurance really brought home how upset I was about the numbers themselves. And while the CGM sensor will sound an alarm when my sugars get "out of range", it can only help if I'm not pushing the envelope by screwing up the math for what I eat. So I broke out a new log book, covered it in snowman stickers for the season and am going to try tracking things a lot tighter over the next month. Hopefully this will give me some better insight while I wait to hear back if my CGM sensors will be covered. So far I've checked my blood 10 times today and 13 times yesterday. But at least today I managed to keep the range between 58 and 155.

I'm back to using jelly beans to tweak my sugars. Each jelly bean is about one gram of carbs so I can literally count out the number of beans I need to get me from a shaky 60 up to a stable 80. It's still not an exact science but it sure beats the "Fuck it! I'm chugging Coke until I can see the future!" method that I usually employ once I go below 60.

And while it's tedious working my way across this tightrope, it's a lot less nauseating than the trapeze act I've been swinging through lately.