Why they invented image stabilization

I didn't have the best run tonight. The phone rang with an automated reminder for my Friday doctor appointment right in the middle of one of my running intervals. When you receive a call on the iPhone while listening to an MP3, it pauses the music. I can't pause while running very easily,though. Then there's the matter of having to wrestle the phone out of my sports bra and remove a glove so I can actually work the screen and next thing I know I'm all messed up and can't figure out if I'm supposed to be running or walking or just giving up and going home. But the dog and I soldiered on and when we finished our five minute cool down, my parents had just sat down for dinner. Score!

When my parents were honeymooning in Hawaii, their section of the island was nearly deserted. Since this was the first time they had spoken or seen each other in the nine months since Daddy left for Vietnam, they didn't mind the deserted area except that there weren't a lot of other vacationers to take their photo.

As they were out walking they saw a runner approaching and my mother asked him if he would take their picture. He agreed but wouldn't stop jogging in place as he pointed the camera at them. Boing. Click. Boing. Click. Somewhere there is a snapshot of my very young parents, with my mother looking like she's about to wet her pants from laughing so hard.

So while I was cranky my run didn't go all that smoothly, I should keep an eye out for tourists who need someone to take their photo on the beach.