I'm becoming one of them

I am in the throes of a fascinating conversation with Kim and Jack in our living room about blogging and social circles and I have a thousand ideas all whirling around in my head, but time is running short so I wanted to at least touch base before the end of the day. I put up Christmas lights on our front porch this afternoon. We even went to two Home Depot stores so I could get enough lights (here's a tip: always buy twice the number of lights you think you'll need). I can remember years past where we were I was constantly stressing about all kinds of things and Christmas seemed a million miles away. But all of a sudden I'm one of those people out there on the day after Thanksgiving stringing up lights. Who would have thought?

Just yesterday morning, I was telling Rich I couldn't understand those people who have finished all their Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. What do they do all Christmas season? Talk smugly about how they've already finished their shopping to stress me out for the next 26 days? We then arrived at his parents' house and at some point his mother proudly proclaimed that she had finished all her shopping and I said, "We were just talking about you this morning! That's great!"

So no, I'm not one of those people but I'm definitely more squared away than I have been in the past. It feels pretty good to be able to spare a few moments today and revel in "the holiday spirit" (whether that holiday is Hallowsgivingmas of this last quarter of the year or only Christmas). I hope you all are having a festive season!