Making the best out of a beard situation

storm clouds are gathering
This section of Rich's beard is one of my favorite things about him. He grows hair fast. Shave twice a day in basic training kind of fast. 5 o'clock shadow by lunch kind of fast. So a lot of the time I complain about his scratchy beard. He looks best to me clean-shaved and if he decides to sport a goatee, I claim he's been replaced by the evil twin version of himself - the Flexo to my lovable Bender.

But this one section of his beard is so fantastic. See how it's all swirly? It's like there's a hurricane of hair that's been working its way up his jawline and is about to make landfall on his earlobe. Oh no! Board up your houses, right ear townsfolk! Stock up on tiny little loaves of bread and 1/100 gallons of milk!

I just like to come up next to him and make stormy swooshing noises.