She doesn't even know the name of the song

My mother is in our house right now using my computer to do some schoolwork (she teaches community college) and she has been humming non-stop for the last two hours. She literally stops humming long enough to mutter something to herself and then starts right back up again. I don't even think she realizes she's doing it. She's done this for all her life as far as I know, and I think in the last few years it's started to get on my father's very last nerve. He has to leave the room after awhile. So she's over here with us in our office and is humming to beat the band with no one to fuss at her. It makes it easier to find her in the house, like a cat with a bell on its collar.

It's one of those things I will miss about her one day. So while she's been working and humming, I've been rummaging for my portable recording equipment to capture it all. At some point hopefully many years from now I'll be able to just loop this track and it will be like she's right here in the room with us all over again.

Mom humming (1:21)