Two spaces after a period?

Do any of you still type two spaces after a period? I learned to type on a typewriter as a kid and that was the style at the time (insert Grandpa Simpson voice here). This entire entry, in fact, I'll type two spaces after each period. The first time I've been comfortable with one space after a period was once I started using Twitter, because I needed all the space I could get to squeeze my message into 140 characters. And the iPhone will automatically put a period at the end of your sentence if you type two spaces in a row (which then converts it to a period and a space).

But in all my typing I'm always putting two spaces after my periods. I've noticed that I can now figure out which copy is mine on our company website, just by looking at the spacing in the html file and finding double spaces after the periods. So apparently I'm the only one at the office who types that way.

Most web browsers will only render a single space after the period. But if you're looking at the raw text, I find it easier to read with that extra space at the end. I've cruised around online and found people who feel strongly in both directions. I'm just not sure if it's worth it to retrain my thumb after all these years.

So what about you? Do you type one or two spaces after a sentence? Do you hate reading documents that do whichever you don't do?