I've been shopping at my parents' house

Things I found (and took home) while sorting Rubbermaid tubs at my parents':

  • copies of the recommendation letters for my college scholarships from my teachers
  • my mother's work photo id from the year I was born
  • a cape my mother and I made for some sort of high school function
  • the pillow I sewed for my pet cat when I was about 7 years old
  • some curtains that might be salvageable
  • approximately $5 in mostly pennies and dimes
  • a printout of an email I sent my parents after splitting up with Jeremy
  • some very pretty wool yarn my mother bought at the thrift store

We sorted and labeled about 35 tubs and emptied/consolidated another 30 or so more. Things are looking better but I'm very tired. I need to go back to work so I can rest up from my day off.