Shopping for stuffed donkeys and elephants

My cousin's water broke today. She's pregnant with twins that weren't supposed to arrive until December 26th. I was just at her baby shower a few weeks ago and her due date seemed so far away. We talked about how this wasn't a planned pregnancy and they certainly weren't planning on twins, but Helen had a hunch that she was having multiple babies long before the ultrasound confirmed it. They live in a third floor walk-up in New York City and space is at a premium, but she and her husband are remarkably calm about everything. Her friend gushed that this was God's plan and that they were going to be Christmas babies and that having one boy and one girl would be a perfect pair. My only comment was that Helen was a sappy country song.

Now that she's in the hospital on election night, waiting to give birth to her tiny babies, I'm hoping this country song has a happy ending. I'm planning on encouraging at least one of those babies grow up to be a Democrat.