What a difference a day makes

Today has been 100% better than yesterday. Yesterday the dog peed on our new rug, I bled all over the bathroom of the Home Depot just like that scene from Carrie, and I got a splinter trying to sweep the front sidewalk. I took a nap in the afternoon, though, and made a conscious effort to turn things around with moderate success. Today Rich and I have tidied the house, walked the dog, gone to Home Depot again (with much less bleeding this time) and built a shelf for the furnace expansion tank. I picked up the wrong compression fittings so we have to finish the project tomorrow before we can have heat downstairs. That's what I get for trying to finish shopping with really low blood sugar.

I'm not sure what the rules are for keeping up Halloween decorations but since I only got around to putting them up on Halloween itself, I'm keeping them around for a few days. The bats are so cute on the porch, it's a shame to put them away so soon. I bought a pile of pumpkin carving kits for 50% off today so we'll be having a pumpkin carving party next year (mark your calendars). I was disappointed at the lack of black cat novelties to entice me, but I probably have enough of that stuff already.

Oh and if you need any candy, come to our house and we have plenty! You don't even have to wear a costume; we're not picky. Next year I'm putting out a sign on the corner of our street to try and attract more kids our way. The other 364 days of the year it's nice to live on a quiet side street, but on Halloween it's kind of lonely.