The good, bad and prickly

I'm in a mood where I just sit and listen to the same semi-depressing song over and over and over while surfing the web. Because this not so slowly drives my husband insane, I have donned the headphones so I can crank it up (a la Freedom Rock) and not disturb him. My cousin's baby shower is on Friday afternoon (who plans stuff like that for a Friday afternoon?). I'm waffling between getting her something she picked from her registry or something New and Exciting and Nifty she Never Thought Of Before. I'm thinking we're gonna go registry at this point and once the twins (!) are born and I have a chance of seeing them ex utero, I'll find some truly amazing gift.

I wrote a check for $3800 today to have a new roof put on our old house. We're starting the ironic part of moving where we're now doing all the home improvements we didn't bother to do while living there so that someone else will want to live there. I hope they find pewter grey architectural shingles acceptable.

I'm sure your dogs are good, those of you that have dogs, but our dogs are THE BEST. I can walk them both off leash on our new street and they both listen to me and don't run off and stop when I stop and know when we're at our house again so they can run (or hobble in Sarah's case) with abandon all over that front yard but not anyone else's.

Watching Katie Couric interview Sarah Palin is painful in the same way the first season of the Office was. I'm waiting for one of them to award the other the Bushiest Beaver.

Perhaps I will be less cranky after my vacation in 10 days. Watching a baby porcupine with the hiccups helps too.