Settling down and soaking it all in

I promise to tell you all about how successful the Nosy Neighbor Open House was, but right now I'm weary from moving and could use some cheering up.  I took another truckload of junk from the old house to the new house and then decided to wander around our new home marveling that we're actually living here. So to share in the fun and to spare you my whining about how much crap we have moved this week, let's take a close up tour of some of my favorite parts of the new home.

doorknob in the officeThis house was originally built in 1947, and while we've upgraded many things (can I get an AMEN that I can print and the lights don't dim?!), we have tried to keep many things as they were. One of the little joys I have is the doorknobs downstairs. Some are glass and some are cast metal but they're all precious and remind me of my grandmother's apartment when I was little.

doorbell on front door Our front door has a snazzy feature of its own, in that the door knocker is a chime. No one will know how to use it without instructions and you can't really hear it beyond the front room, but it's a very pleasant chime all the same if you happen to be within 20 feet of the front door.

double vanityWhen we created the new master bath, I lobbied for a double vanity. My father thought it was extravagant and Rich reminded me that he does most of his morning ritual in the shower so he doesn't really need his own sink, but I wanted some breathing room and a place for all my stuff without being crowded by all his shit (as George Carlin would say). This vanity will save us a lot of money in marriage counseling at some point down the road, I'm sure of it.

carpet upstairs (and kitties)After the construction fiasco was over, we still had to decide on flooring for the house. I got fairly fretty about all of our flooring options because none of them were cheap and they were all a commitment to what would be all under all our furniture for many years to come. We decided to re-carpet the entire upstairs in a light something-or-other that had something to do with ducks as far as stain resistance. Within 24 hours of moving into the house, Emily couldn't bear the stress of it all and showed it by puking on our brand new carpet. I got it up with paper towels and a smidge of 409. It was wonderous. Whatever marketing they used for this carpet about water off a duck's back was right. This carpet kicks ass. It's also about 4" thick so it's like walking on marshmallows. I love our carpet (and so do the kitties).

cat door!Speaking of kitties, we added a door from my sewing room out to our new laundry room in the remodel. Last night we added a cat door to that door so the kitties can get out to the laundry room to get to their litter boxes. This is great because we don't have to create elaborate defenses against the dogs around the boxes and we no longer have kitty poo in our living space. With three indoor kitties that's a lot of poo and I'm happy to provide them with their own doorway to get to their facilities. While they're out there, you'd think they could be helpful and move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Ungrateful cats.