Movers wanted - will pay in Splenda packets

I posted some more pictures from our adventures in Texas earlier this week. I totally need one of those writing chairs. I promise it would allow me to post only the best electronic prose to this forum. I would have added more pictures I not so sneakily took from my iPhone but the upgrade to 2.0.2 trashed my phone so I lost all my notes and photos from a corrupt backup file. No more running Christmas list and no more pictures of 16th century globes or Edgar Allan Poe's writing desk. This has been an incredibly long week, one that I'm not even sure when it started. I spent nearly all of Saturday working only to get on a plane for Texas on Sunday. Wednesday started at 3:30am local time in order to make our 5:30am flight back home. That whacked out my entire sleep schedule. Given the timeline of this week the house has gone completely to seed and is littered with dirty cereal bowls, tumbleweeds of dog hair and boxes of books. I'm hiding in the office in front of the computer because if I look around the house at all that needs packing/cleaning/sorting I may just sit in the floor wringing my hands.

We would hire someone to pack our home for us except that a) it costs approximately $856,742 and b) I don't want other people "messing in my goodies." My mother is perhaps the queen of shooing others away from her goodies and has remarked that someone throwing away her belongings was the only unforgivable act in her eyes. As my mother's daughter, I can't imagine someone coming into our house and packing the nine Splenda packets in front of my keyboard to carry to our new home nor can I imagine someone else deciding they were disposable. Perhaps I should get my mother to pack my medicine cabinet, dishes and piles of knick-knacks since she is the one I can trust the most with all these treasures amongst trash.

The new house is basically done except that we have to put the bath fixtures back after the vinyl flooring was installed and call about two transition strips from the hardwood to vinyl downstairs. Our tentative plan is to move next week over Labor Day weekend. To be optimistic about it, I suppose moving gives an opportunity to take stock of one's life and decide what is really important or not, Splenda packets and all.

Oh, and it's not just you. Rich snickers every time my mother or I talk about messing in our goodies.