I recommend the large Bob Armstrong

We're in Austin, Texas for the next few days for meetings. Since our previous trips here were under 24 hours, it was hard to do anything other than show up, give demos and leave. This longer trip is giving us a chance to explore the territory a bit, as it were. One highlight so far has been dinner with Super Fred (to the Max) and his lovely wife Lori. We met at Matt's El Rancho where I had an underwhelming mojito but the world's best Tex Mex meal, complete with a large dish of Bob Armstrong dip. It was nice to sit on the patio, catch up with friends in the warm summer breeze and enjoy a ton of corn chips and cheese. I had Matt's Special Tex Mex dinner and I highly recommend it.

On the way back to the hotel, we passed by the Genie Car Wash (with the Magic Touch) and I was compelled to get a photo. After a bit of a crappy Saturday and a long flight to Texas, this evening helped bring the status of the overall weekend up to "pretty ok" from "utter suckitude." To top off the weekend, my parents sent an email that our neighbor at the new house mowed our lawn for us with his riding mower. I'm looking forward to moving.

Genie's Car Wash