Welcome to my RSS reader

my Google Reader folders This is what I do in my evenings and weekends. This is what I do instead of watch TV. Sometimes this is what I do instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour. I have a system for which RSS feeds I read and in which order (generally starting at the top and working my way down). While at BlogHer last week I input all the RSS feeds for anyone I met into the 2008-blogher-contacts folder and will start wading through them over the next few weeks months to get them into the right folders.

I just recently reorganized these folders after BlogHer 2008 because I realized I was still reading about a dozen blogs out of my "blogher-contacts" folder from 2007 and I was having a hard time remember who they were and why I was bothering. It's not benefiting me to skim hundreds of blogs and get them all confused versus really getting invested in a few dozen blogs. So I'm trying to train myself to click through to the site itself if I'm not on the iPhone and to think about why I enjoy the site enough to keep reading it.

The relationships are what mean so much for me in blogging so my New Blog Year resolution (that runs from July to July for me) is to slow down and take slightly smaller bites and enjoy each one more.