A love letter from BlogHer

While I was out with 1000 women bloggers, Rich was out having lunch with his ex-girlfriend and researching tattoos. We both had great days. The BlogHer reception was in the Macy's department store where we started in the handbag department, moved to shoes then lingerie and ended up in furniture. Somewhere between the panties and the leather ottomans I took a break to call Rich. It's hard finding a quiet space amongst 1000 women to call your sweetheart but I found a veritable oasis in the bedding department on the 6th floor.

I picked the first bed I saw and had a great phone call with my husband about my fantastic day while he told me about all his adventures from across the country. I love coming to BlogHer, but after a few days I really miss my best friend.

I had just spent several days mentioning how my husband reads my blog, how he listens to my stories about other blogs, how he supports my writing and really Gets It. Really, you all should be quite jealous because my spouse kicks ass. And that's not even mentioning the tons of sex we have.

Me (lounging on the 6th floor of Macy's): "Will you still think I'm sexy when I'm old and covered in stretch marks?"

Rich: "Baby, I'd think you're sexy covered in spiders."

That's right about the time my roommate Laurie came up the escalator and took this photo.

calling home from the bedding department

I love you, Baby. I look forward to coming home.