Not worth getting out of bed today

The first time I woke up this morning, Sarah the elderly stateshound had pooped and peed all over the living room floor (she's been sick lately, so I give her a pass).  The second time I woke up this morning, Mollie had tried to bark at someone on the front lawn and in the process of jumping up on the leather sofa (which is a no-no) had dumped a glass of Diet Coke that Rich had left next to the sofa all over the carpet. The first time I woke up this morning, my blood sugar was inexplicably 216.  I took the insulin my pump recommended and went back to bed only to wake up with a blood sugar of 70 (and barking dogs).

I'm going to shampoo the carpet and then possibly just go back to bed.  Maybe the pets will have constructed an elaborate sphynx statue in the living room out of shoes and paper towels.