Good fences make good dogs

I think we're living proof of that saying about fences and neighbors. We spent 15 minutes yesterday talking to Johnny Goodman about our fence and he finished installing it by 2pm today. I paid him at lunch and we went over this evening to luxuriate in letting the dogs run all over without having to corral them. I never thought I would be so excited about 185 feet of fence. Click on the link below for a video as well. brand new fence!

We duplicated the fence that our one neighbor has because he has three enormous dogs (one Rottweiler and two big brown mutts) that make noises like they want to eat the fence and anything on the other side of it. They might could be good dogs if they had a consistent dog owner, but I'm still keeping a pipe by the back door.

I just figured we would double the fencing between us so I can hopefully avoid explaining to our new neighbor why I had to beat his dog with a pipe for coming over the fence at us.