Zen and the art of late night blogging

It's 1am and I was trying to go to bed over two hours ago. But I clicked on Mamma Loves which led to a link to Crystal's heart-wrenching series about depression, children and asshole baby daddies and I had to read them all. I was squished in the bed between two cats, my exhausted husband and a very heavy Doberman. The room is stuffy, my pillow smells like sweat and I just feel raw all over. I think I've gained a lot of perspective, though, this past week on what's important to me and what just doesn't really matter. The details on all that can be for another day when it's not so late, but it's Sunday night and I don't feel sick to my stomach. I feel very ... content.

I'm heading back upstairs to bury my face in the cat's fur while my sweetie and the dog smoosh the air out of my lungs in sleepy affection. I think I'll open a window first, though.