it's not you Internet, it's me

Dear Interwebz, I've missed you. And it's tough, because I see you hanging out with all my friends and having such a good time and I think that maybe you and I could have a good time together too. But things have just been really ... unbalanced hectic for me lately.

I've been keeping busy while we've been apart. I've flirted with World of Warcraft a little and my hunter is almost to level 55 when she can use those better arrows. But it just doesn't have the same satisfaction as writing a blog post or posting pictures to Flickr.

We're not breaking up, and I really want this relationship to work long term. But I need you to be understanding while I work through some things. I don't want to just keep using you to vent and not listen to your LOLcats or be there when you're rickrolled. Hang in there and we'll be back together soon and vlogging about the dogs' latest antics.

Your friend, Genie