Getting lots of stuff done (just not necessarily the right things)

Yeah, still procrastinating those handouts for my session Wednesday afternoon. BUT I have made a great outline and a list of suggested reading for my students. Now just to make it fun for them. But in all this procrastinating, I've read everything on the internet. My RSS feed reader is totally empty and it hasn't looked like that since I had a horrible cold months ago. I'm not sure if I should feel a great sense of accomplishment or self pity in all the hours I've spent reading about other people's lives online.

I've also done a lot of research for the Puddin' and myself in our quest to figure out where all our money is going and staying. I've come to the conclusion that someone is getting into our bank account and giving thousands of dollars to off shore accounts. That or we paid cash for a very large wedding last year and paid off a ton of credit cards.

Now we just have to figure out what to do about all this money I discovered this evening (both spent and saved). Our bank statement hasn't actually changed in any tangible way, but for some reason I feel richer all the same just by knowing where it went.