What a wild medical ride it's been today

I woke up this morning in a sweat because my blood sugar was 54 mg/dL. I scarfed down a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and then rushed to get ready for work because I was behind schedule. About 9:30 I realized I should check my blood and it was 349! That would explain why my head felt like it was going to come off from hurting so badly. I took insulin and drank a bottle of water and soldiered on through my morning office errands. At 11:45am my blood was 115. This was sounding much better. By the time we sat down at the restaurant for lunch (12:30pm) my sugar had dropped to 60. Whee! I ate my burger and tried to take a conservative amount of insulin.

Around 3pm I felt a little off but not yet low so I had a bag of M&Ms (34 grams of carbohydrates). I don't think my M&Ms will cut it though because I just checked my blood again and it's 63. My head is going to explode from the roller coastering.

Ugh, this diabetes stuff is hard. Off to drink a Coke.