Can I get an Amen?

Holy crap I have so much to tell you (and new icons to use!) but I keep spending too much time in the evenings doing other random crap and then next thing I know it's bed time. So I'm just going to throw out some stuff and we'll see what flies for now. Work is work. Our big annual conference is next week and I haven't even started my handouts for my class, let alone finished or printed them. The original title of this session was "Genie in a Room for 3 Hours" so I didn't have a lot of structure to work with but I've got a theme going in my head. Nothing is on paper yet but I've been having weird dreams about it, so that should count as planning.

My nail technician is finally back after her lung surgery and I'm far more excited about this than anyone should be. I spent an obscene amount of money getting my nails done in Vegas as well as bought enough supplies to start my own salon in the last few months she's been out. I've also tried out several other nail techs and while they've all come close, no one can replace LeAnn. I'll have to post pictures of my finger nails once I make it back to her in a few weeks.

Rich and I traveled to middle-of-nowhere South Carolina on Sunday for his grandfather's funeral. I could write a whole entry about that adventure alone, but will rein that in out of respect for Rich's mother and her ordeal laying to rest a man who was never very nice but was her father all the same. It was long trip all around.

I would be remiss, though, if I didn't describe the burial service. We drove 45 minutes from the chapel to the grave site because his burial town doesn't have a funeral home. We arrived at a tiny cemetery surrounded by a community basketball court and various tiny houses. All the gravestones had dates ending in the 1950's and clearly this little patch of land had been left behind while the rest of the neighborhood moved on. As we all filed in to lay Willie to rest, the preacher (complete with bouffant hair and a diamond pinky ring) began to praise the merits of Willie's new home in heaven and then started talking about the Second Coming.

He said that when Jesus comes back "this graveyard is going to look like a John Deere tractor came through here with bodies rising up out of it" and we would all be spared the agony of death, going straight from life to everlasting life in Heaven. While he spoke the Good Word several folks around me chimed in with an "Amen" or "Yes" in approval. However, during his entire brief sermon there was an ice cream truck circling the neighborhood playing the "Jack in the Box" song. I just kept thinking that if that coffin popped open I might wet my pants laughing and I'm pretty sure most of these other people would drop dead on the spot.