still sick, still cranky about it

I had soup for lunch and dinner today and approximately 2 liters of water. I almost doubled my basal rate of insulin per day. Most of yesterday I battled getting my blood sugar under control. I slept until 3am last night and tossed and turned until 6am when I could finally fall back asleep until around 10. And I've been stuck in the living room watching horrible TV (when I can manage to hear over the damn air return). Since I napped this afternoon, my sleep schedule is trashed. And the television options are not getting any better at this hour. I was too sick to go to dinner and a hockey game with our friends. I've been this sick since Wednesday night and instead of getting better my symptoms just seem to keep changing. The only good thing I can say about this illness is at least I'm keeping food and water down.

But yeah, I'm kinda cranky about getting sick.