a sickly day of love

The dog and I got sick at almost the same time last night. We think she has kennel cough and we think I have the flu. So neither of us have done much at today. I almost fell asleep in the vet's examining room waiting for him. One thing the vet mentioned was we could try giving Mollie some Benedryl. Wow, that knocked her out cold for a good 6 hours. My Sudafed, unfortunately, didn't work quite as well, despite it being the good stuff from behind the counter.

But mainly I wanted to comment that I have the best husband ever. He picked up Mollie's medicine on the way home in addition to diet Sprite and chicken soup for me. And he took his level 70 rogue out with my measly 49 hunter to help me kill swamp things. I'm almost to level 50 thanks to him. He also patiently sat through at least 5 episodes of Law & Order since I'm officially obsessed with that show.

So I'm feeling achy and feverish, but also very loved.