Proud Mary keep on burning CDs

I bought 23 songs today for $10.98 - that's $0.48 a song! It all started this afternoon when I had the song 27 Jennifers stuck in my head and decided to research Mike Doughty's other music. iTunes had his CD set (23 songs) for $16.99. I almost bought it but realized I had a gift card waiting for me at home to use (thanks Byron and Sarah!). I decided to wander over to Amazon and comparison shop. They had it for $15.98. I loves me a bargain, so I decided to try that out. There's a handy little MP3 downloader that grabs the files and loads them into iTunes automatically and I could use my Amazon One-Click to buy the album.

When I got my receipt via email (5 seconds later versus 5 days later like iTunes does) it said I got a $5 promotional discount. I have no idea why, but I'm not looking a gift coupon in the mouth. So I got 23 songs via MP3 for $10.98. Take that, iTunes with your evil DRM! I'll make it just fine on my own without you!

Nevermind that Apple just updated iTunes so I can finally use it on my 64-bit Vista machines to burn cds, sync my iPhone and generally not crap out on me. Steve Jobs knew I'd come crawling back to him. And then there's that gift card I have to use up too. Damn him and his beguiling ways. He is the Ike Turner to my Tina.