happy to put this day to bed

In under 12 hours I should be leaving for Philly with Rich so that in 19 hours I can be at a dinner table with co-workers somewhere in Philly after having checked-into the hotel and verified there are no fires. Somewhere in there I should sleep and pack the car (and get gas since the car tells me I have less than 9 miles left on the tank). I have packed clothes, toiletries, medical supplies and the laptop, but I'm certain there are lots of other things I'm forgetting. Mostly I just want to find my business card holder because it's beautiful and matches my fancy pen and having it would really please me right now. But it's lost in the house somewhere and I doubt I'll find it in the next 12 hours.

I think I'm just going to fix my low blood sugar and go to bed. Maybe it will magically turn up on its own or I'll dream about where it is.

We'll be in Philly at our conference until Monday night. Hold down the fort until we get back.