It's just been one of those days

I'm feeling both very smart and very dumb this evening. The dumb part is where I left my phone in my coat pocket at the office today because while I assumed it would be cold in January, it was 66 degrees when I left tonight. So after trying to make do without it for a few hours, I drove all the way back to get it and return home.

The very smart part is where I fixed one of my own acrylic nails all by myself. I asked for the nail tech to make them thin yesterday and she got a little carried away so one was so thin it cracked this morning. I could have gotten her to fix it, but she doesn't work evenings and I don't have the hour to spare during the day this week as we're prepping for our big conference.

So I trekked to the beauty supply store, agonized for almost an hour over what products to buy and came home to stink up the dining room with acrylic liquid and acetone. After an hour or so of futzing with all these products, I have a new set of nails that are sparkly pink! I now know more about how to do nails and more about what products I want to use, but now I just have to find a way to find them.

I'm seriously considering taking the ten week course to get my license as a nail technician so I can learn from the professionals and buy from the discount supply stores. It will give me a way to supplement my income or have something to fall back on if this whole software development thing doesn't pan out. If you mention my blog, I promise to give you a discount.