In no particular order ...

The 900 blood glucose test strips that were supposed to arrive on Saturday from Liberty Medical showed up today in the form of 200 test strips. Their entire ordering computer system is one giant lie. But I can check my blood again with the meter that talks to my pump so I'm pleased, even if Wilford Brimley is a lying jerk. I am currently dressed like a homeless person, complete with old grey sweater, knit tuke pushed way up on top of my head and gorilla slippers. Oh, and emerald earrings.

I cleaned out the cabinets in the kitchen today because I was convinced we didn't have enough space to store any food. Apparently, I just buy random amounts and varieties of food which is why there's no room for anything else. We have 4 different types of peanut butter in the cabinet and 3 different jars of pickles. The only things I was willing to part with were the hominy and the butter toffee sliced almonds. Really, what was I thinking?

I ordered 16 place settings of new dishes from Bed Bath & Beyond today and they'll be here next week. Our current dishes are plain, really freakin' heavy and missing in some areas. As a note, if you need to buy things like that from BB&B, go to the store because you can use your 20% off coupons and they'll still ship them to your house/office. We saved $64 on our order today. And if the dishes show up and we hate them we can return them at the store.

There are several Christmas presents we haven't bought yet and I don't feel bad about that at all. I'm enjoying taking my time, considering I bought a Christmas gift for Rich on the 27th and it really perked up my day. That's why we get 12 days is so I can enjoy the process while I plug away at getting gifts for friends. Except your present, I totally already bought your present and it's already wrapped and under the tree. Don't fret.