Sweet Potato Biscuits

My mother makes these great biscuits from little to no ingredients and they are some of my favorite breakfast foods even though I'm not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. 2 med/large sweet potatoes smidge of butter or Crisco 2 cups Bisquick 1/2 cup Splenda or sugar 1/2 cup Bisquick additional

Grease 2 medium/large sweet potatoes in butter/Crisco and cook for 75-80 minutes at 425 degrees. The potatoes will "leak" sticky juices, so you might want to put them on aluminum foil. You an tell they're getting done when the skin puffs up away from the potato. Wait for them to cool and peel the skin off (you can do this by hand).

Mix potatoes with 2 cups of Bisquick and 1/2 cup Splenda/sugar. They will be really sticky so use the remaining the 1/2 cup Bisquick to get them off your hands. Pull off pieces into golf ball sized bits and put on a cookie sheet. You can roll them out if you really want, but they taste just as good if they're uneven.

Bake at 425 for 12-15 minutes, checking the bottoms to make sure they're not too brown.

I highly recommend these served with slices of crisp bacon in between like tasty little sandwiches.