Best. Husband. Ever.

My husband is an absolute hero. He got my drunk ass home last night, changed into a nightshirt, and even checked my blood sugar for me before we went to bed. And this morning, when I still felt like I'd been beaten with a wine bottle instead of just drinking from one, he cleaned the entire house while I curled up on the couch watching football. Hero, I tell you. We got some more holiday shopping done this afternoon and rallied to pick out a tree despite the gale force winds outside. We picked a slightly smaller tree this year, but it fits nicely in the corner of the living room and we'll still have enough room for the family's presents and presence on Christmas day.

Even though Rich did all the wrestling to get the tree in the house and in a stand, I still wasn't quite up to decorating it yet. We're going to save that for tomorrow. So to stay in the Christmas spirit, I've been getting a head start on wrapping presents. It's beginning to look a lot more like Christmas around here.

Oh, and my Secret Santa gift was two bottles of wine. I'll be saving those for 2009 when I'm ready to drink again.