hopped up on the juice and editing photos!

Thank you all for the suggestions on how to fix my nose! In the end, the biggest help was sleeping for nearly 12 hours straight, followed by an incredibly hot shower. Whatever ickiness I have seems to be on the move down to my chest from my head, so I'm now in the land of expectorants and moving away from decongestants. I signed a magic book at the drugstore this afternoon and managed to score some Mucinex D that has a heaping dose of both of those wonder drugs. It's a shame the meth labs had to ruin it for everyone else, because that pseudoephedrine stuff is the bomb!

Since I spent a large portion of today asleep, I don't have much to report. But I did find something very cool this evening - Flickr has partnered with Picnik so you can edit your photos directly on Flickr. In addition to the standards of red eye reduction and color corrections, they have fun shapes and borders you can add to your photos. I gave Ms. Kitterson a jaunty hat in my first experiment.