the dog's diploma is larger than ours

Today was our final session with Mollie's trainers to go over her advanced training commands. We now officially have a crime fighting sidekick dog. She managed to follow commands off-leash and stay in a designated place despite distractions of other dogs and loud noises. It's certainly not a switch that's been flipped and we still need to continue working with her over the next few months, but she's an amazingly good dog. Technically, we got an e-collar for her but I haven't needed to use it yet since she responds so well to just verbal corrections and stern looks. She really is a sensitive soul but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now we just need to decide if we want to keep taking her to doggie day care now that her training is done. It's pricey but it could really help while she's still a puppy. I see some expenses being tallied this weekend as we sort out our finances for Christmas gifts, new car payments and pet care needs.

princess and the pea