I will always remember (or at least have written it down)

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. They were engaged on Halloween over the phone when Daddy called from Fort Sill and plans were made for a wedding on the Friday after Thanksgiving. As a newlywed now myself, I have a better understanding of what the two weeks they had together in Hawaii must have been like (in August of 1968) when Daddy finally had leave from Vietnam. Going back to the jungle after that must have been hard on them both. There's a cedar chest of letters between my parents from that entire year of 1968. One day I'll bother my mother to drag them out so we can make sure they're still intact. I have taken on the unofficial role of family historian and while I haven't bothered to do any genealogy, I try to take note of the dates and circumstances we do remember.

It's part of why I love writing this blog so much. Things that are so mundane today take on a whole new meaning in years to follow. We slept in late again today, walked the dog, puttered around the local comic store (complete with comic guy and his painfully obvious comb-over), went for Mexican food, bought a new office chair to replace the one cat has puked on 3784 times, and played a game of cards in the evening hours. We haven't done any Christmas shopping yet or pulled out any decorations but we're thinking about them both.

And like the letters my mother has squirreled away, I hope that many years from now someone else will care about what we did on November 24, 2007. More importantly, though, I care about it all enough to write it down so I won't forget how great a lazy Saturday is in November or even how crappy some other days can be.