Hiccups + low blood sugar + full tummy

I managed to eat two Thanksgiving dinners today and still not over-eat. This may be a first for me in all holiday history. I did, however, manage to miscalculate my insulin needs so that I over-bolused for dinner. Right after everyone left the house, I felt a little shaky and discovered my blood sugar was 57 and I was absolutely full. A glass of orange juice seemed to have fixed my blood sugar but that prompted a nearly irreversible case of the hiccups. Hiccups + low blood sugar + full tummy = Genie flipping out, convinced her stomach is going to explode.

This morning, I found a handy free tool to make animated gifs for my icons. I've been exploring all the possibilities for Arrested Development icons and am thoroughly enjoying the process.

So this year I'm thankful for two pleasant family dinners and my immediate family of Rich and the animals being so fabulous. It's been another great day in Paradise.