As that creepy short lady from Poltergeist would say, "This house ... is clean." I threw away my pitiful excuse for a mop earlier this week, so I got down on the floor and scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floors with a scrub brush, bucket and rag. The floors look great but I look like hell.

We're going to the Puddin'-in-law's for Thanksgiving "dinner" at noon tomorrow and then driving back home to have dinner at our house with my family. This means we aren't responsible for any cooking, only for providing dishes, a kitchen and a dining room for seven adults. We've been doing this for several years now and it works out pretty well.

We still need some staples like drinks and snacks but I think we can handle that very early in the morning or even survive without them. We'll see how brave we're feeling. In my wanderings online to find out store hours, I discovered our local grocery store offers Internet Express Order Ahead Shopping. Maybe after Thanksgiving, I'll give it a try. Rich might not mind going to the grocery store if it's only to pick up items I've already selected and paid for.