this dog is better company than some humans I know

I'm so pleased with Mollie. She is officially one of the best dogs we've ever had. Rich was petting her this evening and the cat was literally walking all over her without so much as a paw in protest. She doesn't even chase the cats anymore but just co-chills with them in the floor.

After Rich left for his hockey game, Mollie and I walked all over the neighborhood for almost an hour! (Damn John and his 10,000 steps. He must be rubbing off on me.) She stayed right by me and I could listen to music while we wandered the streets.

When we got home she curled up with Sarah in the living room so I could surf the web in peace. A few minutes ago she let out this really loud bark at something in our front yard but whatever it was (probably just another dog or the neighbor across the street) wasn't inspired to come any closer.

I got exactly what I wanted - a dog with a bad ass bark but no bite.