And I hope you like jammin's too

As I prepped for bed in the hotel last night, I pondered the practicality of pajamas. I don't remember owning pajamas as a child and usually just wore an old t-shirt to bed as a teenager. Even as an adult my bedtime apparel is random. I can see in some cases a set of pajamas would be worthwhile for an infant to keep him from getting tangled in covers or scratching himself. But as an adult I've pretty much mastered the art of covers maintenance, or at least am willing to suffer the consequences of throwing my own comforter onto the floor at 3am. Flannel jammies will not save me.

I've worn multiple layers of clothing to bed sometimes if I'm really cold and Rich isn't (just a few weeks ago I was in a full sweatsuit and socks when I retired for the evening) but that usually means I wake up soaked in sweat by dawn. I don't actually own any pajamas now except for a worn out night shirt I bought a lifetime ago so I could get up to pee in the middle of the night at Rich and Gabrielle's without my ass hanging out for all to see.

Most pajama bottoms shrink alarmingly so that they're boot cut capris made of pilly faded flannel after only a few washings. It hardly seems worth it. Monday night I went to bed in yoga pants and the t-shirt I had worn that day because I was cold. Last night I wore a pair of socks and my underwear to bed because I was hot but my feet were cold.

My mother has a whole section of her wardrobe she calls "sleepin' clothes" that are usually knit pants and oversized t-shirts. She'll wear them in bed, around the house or driving the short mile to our house but very rarely in public. My version of "sleepin' clothes" is a little more flexible in that I've tried to go out in public with them and Rich has to give me that look at the front door as I try to leave that I really should invest the time in a bra, a clean shirt and matching socks. Damn him, always fencing me in.

So what do you normally wear in the midnight hour? Do you have a bedtime routine and ensemble or is it just your tighty whities? Is it seasonal? Does it depend on if you're sharing your bed or sleeping alone?