Where have all the cowboys gone?

In our five hours on the road Friday, Curtis and I were chatting about blogging and he noted that he didn't know of a lot of other guys who blog. We both could think of plenty of tech-bloggers, but didn't have long lists of men who blog about their lives. So I started browsing through my RSS feeds to find all the men in my "must read" folder and the list was alarmingly brief. With the exception of my friends I know personally, I can list: Wil Wheaton - I love Wil! I wish I could find more people like him on the internet. Jason Kottke's kottke.org - a collection of interesting items. Cute with Chris - He's Canadian and talks about kittens. What's not to love? Laid-Off Dad - No longer laid off, but still a fine read. The Sneeze - I admit to skimming his sometimes, but he's still entertaining. Kevin Smith: My Boring-Ass Life - Usually interesting and always verbose, he's a worthy read. Warren Ellis - You need a note from your mother before you're allowed to read this. No, you need a note from your therapist before you're allowed to read this. Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog - He doesn't update much, but if I had to write like that, I wouldn't update often either. Sweet Juniper - This is actually a joint blog by Dutch and his wife Wood about their lives and daughter Juniper. It's great to see their two perspectives on the same topic.

The first BlogHer in 2005 asked where all the women bloggers were at, but now I'm wondering where all the dudes are.