so tired

I was up at 5:30 this morning, drove to Charlottesville, had meetings all day, and then drove home. Rich called me about 5 miles from the house to tell me he can't find Ms. Kitterson and we suspect she escaped the house during our DirecTV installation this afternoon. I'm tired, worried about the cat and worried about Rich worrying about the cat. Maybe in the morning I'll be in a better mood but right now it's a fine line between being tired and cranky.

The good news is my father rocks and babysat the DirecTV guy to install our new HD dish the right way and not just the "easy" way. We now have two receivers in two different rooms that each have the ability to watch and record two channels at once. Now we just have to decide what to watch. If only I could get my RSS feeds on the TV in HD, I would use the TV more.