slurping my cereal milk makes me sexy

Rich (typing to others on Team Fortress 2): how the hell does a knife to the back throw me 40 feet back? Me (wolfing down cereal because I have low blood sugar but reading his chat over his shoulder): sounds like someone has some overly enthusiastic ragdoll physics

Rich: ... yeah ... (continues killing bad guys online)

Me (still slurping down Rice Krispies): Excuse me, I'm not wearing *pants* and I just used the term ragdoll physics and I can't even get a "that's hot" out of you?

Rich: You're low! But yes, that is hot.

Me: Thank you.

Rich: I just didn't want to come on to strong if you're low. It might be the verbal equivalent of putting my tongue down your throat.

Me: Ok, that's gross. I love you - I'm going to bed.