making some lists and checking them twice

I just spent over an hour brushing the dog to prepare her for her bath tomorrow. It was during the hockey game too so Sarah got "hair brushings" in addition to me this evening. Last year, I bought some pro/con tablets as a gift and was compelled to get some "spares" for myself. We've been using them a lot lately for car shopping, dog shopping and lots of other major decisions. I just wish there were a way to weigh the pros and cons so that it isn't such a one-to-one ration of lists. Some of our lists may only have one con in them, but it might be a *really* big con.

It's funny how sometimes just putting things down on paper can really help make things clear. So during NaBloPoMo this month I've started writing things down by hand. I guess it's easier to see the writing on the wall if you're the one writing it down.

In contrast, I used this afternoon to setup our company's gift exchange for the Christmas party next month. It's a very helpful web site in that you can setup exceptions to keep family members from getting each other or any other restrictions. And everyone gets to keep their secret since the recipient's name is only sent to the gift giver.

So at work I've been all about the electronic lists but as soon as I get home it's back to my old faithful pro/con tablet.