I need to migrate like a bird in the winter

The weather has finally started to change around here and I'm officially miserably cold. I will continue to shiver and moan and forget what it was like to feel my own toes until March. I don't remember being this cold as a kid, but I think my parents vowed that we would always be as warm as possible having spent so many years in houses without heat growing up themselves. We went for a short walk tonight with the dog to clear our heads and while I felt better once I got home emotionally, I was physically a wreck. My hands turned bright red and I lost all feeling in at least two finger tips. So I think a dangerously hot shower is in my future for this evening. For now I'm just sipping sugar free hot chocolate.

The voting polls closed at 7pm tonight and I made it there at 6:55pm. The woman at the desk couldn't find me under my Surname name so I told her it might still be under Punky since I was married in June. She wasn't sure which one was me as she scanned the computer and I mentioned that my address had stayed the same but just my name had changed. She looked up at me over her half glasses with the freshwater pearl chain and just smiled. Suddenly I felt like I was busted for shacking up within the precinct boundaries.

I told Rich this while we were on our walk and said that I could have just lived in the same house and he moved in once we were married but she jumped to conclusions. He said I took him in like a stray but I think it was more like he saved me from being an old spinster with 14 cats. Now if I can just find my afghan to wrap up in and fend off this night air, I'll be ready for half glasses with a freshwater pearl chain.