Hey Baby, need a ride?

The first half of the day I've spent un-showered and slovenly and the second half I'm dressed in heels for a wedding celebration. It's always extremes with me. Bill Cosby suggests that you should dress like a poor person when you go car shopping, but I think I ended up looking more homeless than poor today in my dirty sweatshirt, workout capris over unshaved legs and wool tuque with tassel. Our car salesman was a shorter version of Samuel L. Jackson and, unphased by my wardrobe, even let us drive cars around on public roads.

We've been discussing a new "ride" for the Puddin'. He's been doing some traveling for work and taking my car on longer trips, which leaves me with the little green pickup. The little green pickup has served us well over the last five years and the price has certainly been right. But driving it around has been a thorn in my side.

The suicide door on the driver's side no longer opens since the plastic handle snapped off in my hand in the airport parking garage. The side mirrors are set to 6'5" person settings and can't be changed without pushing on them manually, which always scares me I'm going to break them. (Don't drive in my blind spots if you see me in the truck.) The bucket seats don't work so well for dobermans on a morning commute and I'm convinced I'm going to slam on the brakes and break the dog's jaw on the dashboard. It has manual windows, manual door locks (that don't work half the time requiring you to lock the door from the outside with the key) and a 4 cylinder stick shift. Oh and the radio is constantly set to AM sports radio at volume 11 but I think that's a user issue and not the truck's fault.

I feel bad even complaining about the truck because it's been very serviceable to us and relatively low maintenance. And in my life I've driven cars that are far worse than this one with many more "quirks." The best ones were the Dodge K car wagon with a bad alternator that had to be plugged into a trickle charger each night to drive the next day (I was ahead of my time with hybrid car technology) and the VW Vanagon that leaked oil on the starter so you had to have someone bang on it while someone else turned the key to start it (you made a lot of new friends in parking lots if driving alone).

I just want us to both have reliable, comfortable cars so that we're not using my car for everything and only driving the pickup if absolutely necessary. And really, Rich deserves something better than the Little Truck That Could to get around town. We're still shopping around for all our options but we seem to be mostly on the same page, which helps immensely.

What was/is the crappiest car you've ever had and what's your dream car?