Nutritional info may include extra dirt

I have to hurry up and post before I drink any more beer and I'm too drunk to type. It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to a weekend with friends. I'm foregoing a quilting class this evening to drink beer, eat pizza and play Guitar Hero with the guys. This is just fine by me and I wasn't feeling all that productive. I'm sure I can learn how to make a blanket sometime later when I'm more inspired.

Speaking of uninspired, we've been eating out a lot lately and I'm becoming increasingly grossed out by behavior I see from food service staff. The Panera Bread jockey dutifully wore his plastic gloves while preparing my bagels after wearing them while getting my change from the cash drawer. Within that same week the lady at Jason's Deli dropped a stack of disposable cups on the floor and put them back in the dispenser before I could come of the counter and stop her. I'm sure I won't get some horrible disease from either of these events, but it just means that if they don't think during those acts, they won't think when it really matters.

So in that situation, what would you have done? I didn't say anything but it annoyed me for days (obviously since I'm talking about it now). And because I didn't say anything I feel like I've contributed to the problem by not correcting them. Then again, it's like screaming at the dog for getting in the trash where it's more for your own benefit than the dog's.

So how do you handle strangers doing dumb ass things like that in a restaurant?