feeling shallow whining about luxury items

To paraphrase Rich I have a case of the "red ass" tonight. DirecTV was supposed to install our new HD dish this afternoon. My father spent 4 hours at my house and prepped the entire area, including bringing his own ladder to get on the roof and drilling the holes in the floor to run cables. The installer never showed and called an outdated number at 4pm asking for directions. This street has been here for over 50 years; it shouldn't be that hard to find. The good news is the next available installation date is November 9th. I'm mad that I wasted my father's day because they can't keep a map in their work truck. I think I'll be talking with a manager tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we move from our old office to our new office Thursday morning. Movers will be there at 8am to load everything in the office and cart it to the new space. We still have to work on some firewall changes and get the phone server working but hopefully that won't take all day. I'm trying to remain optimistic but we'll see.

During the electronics move this evening (where we moved all the items we don't want the movers touching), I took a chunk out of my wooden dashboard with the edge of my computer case. I'm sure there's a Hallmark card somewhere for "sorry you fucked up your BMW with your Mac Pro," or maybe just an e-card someone can send to my iPhone. I'm annoyed because I did it while in a hurry in the rain and trying not to hit someone else's car. Oh well, I'm sure they'll fix it for a small fee at the dealer.

I'm cranky, low on sleep and probably should rest up for the big move. We didn't finish rebuilding the firewall last night until 1:30am. I'll leave you with this glamorous picture of life in a small company.

I think to give myself some perspective I'll donate some rice while expanding my vocabulary.