the more things change the more they stay the same

Help me remember this evening, Internet. I went out of the house to a local SCA baronial meeting and .... had a genuinely good time for several hours in a row. I did it all with people in the flesh who I spoke to using my words instead of my keyboard. And no one goobed on me and no one was making chainmail keychains and no one kissed my hand (HATE the hand kissing!).

I know that a lot of my frustrations with the SCA are all about me and my choices for my free time and no one else's problem. So when I have a good time and at the end of the day think, "yeah, I would do this again if given the opportunity" I feel like I should pat myself on the back just a tiny bit.

I helped a lady make a hood pattern and I learned how to fingerweave (but still need to practice) and I chatted with friends and topped it all off with french toast for dinner! I call that a success!

We're going to University this weekend and I mailed off a pre-registration for a local event in November this afternoon. We're going to stay for feast, people! We never stay for feast! Someone feel my forehead, there might be something wrong with me! I can't stop using exclamation points!

So all this excess punctuation comes with a tickling feeling that I should be helping out more locally. I feel the pull to donate prizes for the upcoming event or help some folks make more outfits soon. I just need to rein that in a little bit for now. Because while I have a lot of enthusiasm right now I want to hold onto that feeling a bit longer and not replace it with angst and stress (which I'm really good at).

Forgive me if I keep my ideas on t-tunic designs to myself for a bit longer, but I'm cautiously optimistic. This may be the beginning of another try at medieval re-enactment and I want to take things slow. No hand-kissing until at least the third date.