catching up while trying to stay in the moment

I'm writing this from the middle seat of a flight back from Connecticut because it's the only time I've had more than 15 minutes to digest anything and put words to "paper." I could tell you how I haven't really disappeared and how I've been on Twitter and I've been really busy, but the excuses are all the same, so let's just be happy we're back together now. Since last we met our hero, I've been spending a lot of time playing with our new dog and fretting about pretty much everything else to one degree or another. The new dog Mollie, she really is quite spectacular. I convinced the Puddin' to let me sign her up for a dog obedience class that also comes with two months of doggie day care. So when we go to work in the morning, Mollie goes to "school" and in two months our dog will be able to fight crime. We'll see if she gets a cape and mask by Thanksgiving.

In the angst venue, it's nothing horrible, just me being a fret-monster about all kinds of stuff. Should we add onto the house or move? If we move how much house can we afford? When the lease is up on my car what should I replace it with? What should we replace Rich's truck with, if anything and when? Is Sarah's super expensive arthritis medicine helping her or is it just the glucosamine? How do we let Ms. Kitty snack whenever she wants while keeping Ms. Kitterson from becoming even more of a sausage with legs? How do we reconcile my compulsive tracking of money versus Rich's more laissez-faire attitude about day-to-day finances with our desire for us to share a bank account and be a team? Should I keep trying to grow my hair out longer because my stylist assures me it will be great even though I'm a horrible long hair caretaker and constantly pull it back into a ponytail at every possible moment?

It's a wonder I can sleep at night, particularly with two cats and a 55 pound puppy sharing our bed.

Even with my lengthy list of "problems," life is still really really good. I think I'm just feeling a little out of sorts. The unseasonably warm weather has put me in a mood, despite my tendency to be freezing in anything less than 70 degrees. We're moving all of our office (and phone lines and internet lines and office furniture and pin ball machines) to a new location at the end of the month and coordinating that has been both fun and exhausting, and it makes me mindful of how a move of our house would be as well.

But to temper my list of worries, some things have been pretty cool. Next month is my parents' 40th anniversary and their relationship is a testament to partnership in the face of everything life brings. I just spent all day looking at rare manuscripts and taking photos of artifacts while touring one of the largest special collections libraries in the country. The Puddin' and I are talking about all our house decisions as a team and that has a really good feeling to it. Last month we raced $100,000 cars around a track just like go-carts as a team-building exercise for work (I've always wondered if you could take a corner at 70mph). And I'm really looking forward to NaBloPoMo this November since it was so much fun last year.

I just need to remind myself to enjoy the days that are happening now and not fret so much about tomorrow.