the action-packed weekend of Giggy and Ruh-ruh

We've been to five households in the last two days. I'm ready to go back to work to rest up from our weekend. Saturday, I was up before my normal workday alarm so I could get to the vet's office to pick up prescriptions for Sarah. I'm thinking of having Rich ask for some arthritis medicine from his doctor so we can get a prescription for some of this stuff. He just has to convince the doctor that he normally takes his Rimadyl in treat form but could probably mix a powder into his "cereal" twice a day. Hopefully, the online price will be cheaper once we sort out if this medicine is working out for her in the long run.

Then we headed to and 's long enough to eat lunch before I moved onto 's house to help her work on her pirate outfit for 's wedding next weekend. We made good progress on that and then headed out to the bachelorette party that involved swordfighting lessons and dinner at the Pyratez Tavern in Silver Spring. After dropping everyone off, I was back to KJ's by midnight.

Sunday,we got up early again to get some quick breakfast before the fellas met Shannon for shooting at the NRA range while Jake and I ventured to Target. When we pulled up to the Smith's, Regan was literally standing in the driveway vibrating in anticipation of my arrival. I've really missed that little girl (and the rest of her family) and it was hard to have to leave again so soon. It's also hard to explain to a little girl why you can't stay overnight or come back tomorrow.

We hit the road to get to Byron and Sarah's for some football watching and hanging out. Their cat is adorable and we had a nice relaxing time just chatting and yelling at the television. Then it was off to Rich's parents for a belated birthday dinner with the family.

We're on our way home now and while it was a jam-packed two days, it was a really good time, only lacking in our inability to squeeze in more visits with more folks that were so close. I have learned, though, that I'm not a good candidate for Rich's "pack in the morning" method of travel. I forgot several key toiletries as well as failed to pack any long pants, so I've been buying clothes to hold me over and may never wear them again. I think I'm much more of a "pack for several days leading up to any trip" kind of gal.

Oh, and 19-month-old Tommy calls us Ruh-ruh and Giggy because he can't pronounce our names. This is quite possibly one of the cutest things on the planet, particularly when he says "Giggy, more meow pwease" when he would like to see more pictures of the cats on my phone.